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Originally Posted by Goaljudge View Post
Bailey has shown brief flashes of NHL ability that would translate into a good/decent 2nd line center if applied consistently throughout a season.
After his early season hip pointer last year, and upon his return, he was not the same player as before.
The fact that Bailey displayed that ability means that he has the physical apptitude to accomplish it. Any stooge put out there does not have that apptitude.
So what holds Bailey back from playing like he can?
He was drafted by Snow based on his OHL junior career and "character". But Bailey fails either the character test or the confidence test. Why he has no confidence is lack of character. He hesitates instead of reacting instinctively, letting his ability take over. He still has that "deer in the headlights" thing going on instead of just making plays, being audatious like that kid Skinner, like Nugent-Hopkins.
Not saying Bailey has the skills of those players, but he has a hell of a lot more skills and abilites than we are witnessing now.
Bailey has only so much time to just intenalize what he has to do on the ice, then let lose and do it, not think it over, even for a split second.
If he can not do that, he will be in the AHL in two years, and we will have wasted a top 10 pick for no return, not even 4th liner.
Cappy has been supportive, but now it is the time for someone to kick him in the ass. Demote to 4th line, or pressbox for awhile. Tell him to just play, not analyze. The kid is on the brink of total failure as an impact play. I would accept him as a 3rd line center if he can get it done in a professional manner.
Wow! I did not like where you were going with this. I thought you were going to blame everything on the hip pointer. But you recovered nicely. Yeah, I pretty much agree with everything. But before dropping him to the 4th line and dumping him in the press box, I would like to see him get another crack with Okposo, just to see if it works.

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