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10-29-2011, 09:27 AM
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Originally Posted by RangerEsq View Post
Too late. Should have done it a half a dozen years ago. What can we trade away to tank? Gaborik? That's about it. The rest of the important players are seen as being here for another 4-5 years minimum. Simply losing Gaborik for picks and prospects won't be enough to give us a first overall pick or even a 5th overall pick, and probably not even a 10th overall pick.

What we should done was trade Jagr, Nylander, Straka, Rucinsky, Rucchin, Sykora, Malik and Rosie for picks and prospects during the 2005-06 season.

We would have drafted a good young player, plus we'd have an extra half a dozen second rounders plus at least one extra first rounder and a few late picks, plus another half a dozen decent prospects. Some of those picks would have worked out and we'd be a contender by now.

Instead, when I proposed it, I was told that what defines success is making the playoffs. That's all that matters. If you make the playoffs, that's it, that's where it's at. Plus, "anything can happen in the playoffs", which is false, "anything" can happen for a round or two, not for 4 rounds.
I disagree that its not do-able.
But it's still risky, probably not worth it, will not result in instant gratification (at least 2 seasons down the road) and is not the classy, right way to be.

You raise good points.
I think the Hawks, for example will give us a guy like Dylan Olsen + X but it will take at least Dubinsky + Y. Olsen is projected lock as a 3-4 D with upside potential to be a 2. The key with whether or not this is a matter of going a step and a half backward to go two and half steps forwards is the value of X and Y.

And I'm sure something can be worked out where we pick up picks and other potential from the Canucks just to help them get cap space for Weber. Just haven't thought all the details through yet.

It would be great if this team were deep enough we could do this re-tooling while competing, still getting into the playoffs at the bottom, and hoping for lightning to strike.
Unfortunately we can just manage the team we have, not good enough to kick ass and take the Cup, not weak enough to draft the studs we need to build into a powerhouse.

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