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Originally Posted by Laus723 View Post
Have to like a fan asking us to show up in our own house.

I've said it time and again, my parents were long time STH'ers, they had several other STH'ers around them literally wear their Hab gear to that game and join in the obnoxiousness. South Florida is FULL of snowbirds, of course this is the case.

I know several die hards who won't go to this game because they literally want to avoid jail time.

Panthers have been awful for a decade. Nothing to cheer. Things are trending upward.

Would be nice if the Montrealers didn't feel the ABSOLUTE NEED to be hideously rude in someone else's house. The stories coming out of that game are disgusting. Would love to have another 7-4 drubbing this season and have it be against them.
I actually got into a fight with someone at the Habs game a few years ago. I can take their crap when they talk to me, but when one of them started to disrespect my mother, then that is when I had a problem. I use to sit in 409, 3w, seats 6-8. Someone behind me called by mother a b!$ch, and I got up and had a few words with him. I sat back down and he started talking crap to me, and how I was all talk, so I ended up going upstairs and slapped the $@!$ out of him, and told him that while I dont hit women, I would make an exception for him. As soon as he got up, I pushed him onto a couple of friends of his, and was ready to pummel his @ss, but my friend stepped in, as did some other fans there. I have to admit, visiting the Patron bar before the game didnt help, but since we ended it there, it was a happy rest of the night for my friend, mom, and I, as I didnt hear anything else from that clown.

I dont get into fights when I go to games, especially hockey games, but when people disrespect me, or my family, the way he did, then I have a major problem with that. Hab fans are by far the most disrespectful fans in the league, and I can give two $@%! about their team, city, or fan base, and nothing would make me happier than seeing them NEVER win another cup. I know there are occasional bad apples in the barrel, but with Hab fans, its the opposite, as there are only a few good apples in the barrel.

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