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Originally Posted by Drake744 View Post
I had to take an Astronomy 101 class once, and it seemed really difficult. Come to find out, as our professor had magically disappeared for a few weeks randomly, the substitute quickly realized we were learning things that would normally be taught in an upper-level Astronomy class. Also, the professor disappeared because he went to Africa in the middle of the semester without telling anyone.
I had a math professor last semester (I call him a "math" professor without specifics because I suck at math and there is no need in naming the actual class... though it wasn't remedial so there is that ) who, with two weeks left in the semester, ended up unable to finish teaching due to an illness. This while I was attempting to teach myself trigonometry, which I blame on his lack of teaching ability. Turns out the professor who took over has taught this same course for 10 years, but never EVER taught trig. Or converting numerals to binary for that matter. To make a long story even longer, I ended up with an undeserved A due to the faculty switch

edit: And Drake, you should have taken astrology 1010. Then you could have simply predicted whatever grade you wanted

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