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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
That would be purely speculative narrative of course. No one knows definitively one way or the other that the NHL would use TNSE's $60M relo fee to pay down its LOC & thus discount the sale price on the Coyotes. Sixty million divided by 29 teams doesnt amount to much more than about $2M & change each. If it helps to expedite the sale of the franchise I rather doubt the BOG's would object. For all intensive purposes' it was "found money", not something thats part of the regular revenue streams. Finally, the other 29 teams have not been dipping into their own pockets to prop-up the Coyotes beyond the normal revenue sharing contributions they'd be making regardless.
Who is paying for the losses that exceed the 25 mill put up by the Cog? It has to be coming from someones pockets, and that is above and beyond the onies received as part of the revenue sharing agreement

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