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10-29-2011, 03:43 PM
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I think it must be brought up if the talk of TV markets is around...again.

And I also suppose it can be taken with either a grain of salt, or a chaser of rye.
(depending how many of us chose to STILL buy what the NHL is trying to sell, ie: NOTcovering Coyotes' losses, NOT covering Dallas' losses, Pho NOT moving, Atlanta NOT moving, etc.)

"But Daly wrote that the Coyotes' potential move "would not have 'any impact on our ongoing television negotiations' and the topic had not even been raised in discussion"

Considering the NBC/NHL tv deal has already been signed (APRIL), I think it is safe to say that NBC isn't gonna be offering any type of "refund" should the Coyotes leave. The 13,000 (10th largest TV market) NHL viewers in Atlant,GA have already been lost, not sure the 9,000 in the Phoenix, AZ are too much of a threat to the network, again, depending on who STILL believes the NHL brass.

Again, I am not speculating myself as to what may or may not be in the cards. I am relaying a reported offhand comment by a member of the BOG who said something might need to be rebated (don't remember the exact term he used).

Daly's or Bettman's comments on any of this aren't worth the electrons used to convey these. They deny anything if it's not something they want released yet.