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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
You know what, you're right. They just get benched instead. My apologies.

I suggest you watch the game and really pay attention to what Tortorella has been doing with the lines and the top 9 players over these last few weeks, because its really unbelievable stuff.
There's a big difference. Sitting out for the last ~15 minutes of a game definitely sucks but thats not even close to being taken out of the position you earned and relegated to the fourth line for an extended time, which is what I thought you were calling attention to.

Believe it or not I can pay attention to the game and still disagree with you. Give me a real example of an "unbelievable" move. I can't recall seeing any line on this team play well enough that breaking them up wwas a really bad idea. I also can't recall any player that was totally out of place on a line except for EC playing with Gaborik today. I can't think of any player that has gotten a lot more or a lot less ice time than they have deserved either.

As far as time on ice goes, here are the players with most TOI/G so far in descending order - Girardi, McDonagh, Richards, Callahan, Sauer (only 3 games to everyone else's 8), DZ, Gaborik, Dubi, Stepan, Feds, Erixon...

What is so disagreeable about this? Richards, Callahan, Gaborik have the most minutes on forward. Have they not been the best forwards? Have Girardi, McD, Sauer and then DZ not been the best defenseman?

I honestly don't understand. It seems like people watch the games and go crazy that this or that player gets benched for 5 or 10 minutes after a subpar performance without realizing that it doesn't make much difference in the big scope of things. Gaborik didn't play much in the third the other day and everyone was up in arms but he still has the third most TOI for a forward and Callahan, who is in front of him, played in every situation and the Rangers won that game.

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