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10-29-2003, 10:18 AM
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Originally Posted by -HIFK-
Yeah, you must be on to something!!! Just like Shane Doan, who has 4+6 points, is that much better than Fedorov, Sakic, Selanne, Elias, Yashin, Shanahan, Lemieux etc. who have less points than him.

IŽve said it before, Ruutu is not a goal-machine. Even tough he was starting to dominate the Finnish league before his injury last season, he was never going to be the leagueŽs top scorer. ThatŽs never been his best aspect in the game.

And from what IŽve heard, playing beside Moen and Nichol in the fourth line, concentrating on defensive play, might prevent you from scoring heaps of points. And yes, I know that Ruutu started the season with Sullivan and Daze, but he stayed there for just a couple of games, which happened to be the first games of his NHL-career.

But IŽll tell you this. Ruutu will never be a bust. He may not score a lot of points, but having watched him closely for his entire hockey-career since we were kids, heŽll be one heck of a player. He already is. Nobody has more heart and attitude than him.
I agree he won't be a bust. He's one of those players who has the all-round skills to play in the NHL even if his offence lags behind.

When comparing Vorobiev and Ruutu, I think it was always closer than most people realize. Vorobiev was just lost in Ruutu's shadow. They play similar games, both had great years in elite leagues last year, and both play complete, NHL-ready games. It's closer than most people realize, just people have over-hyped Ruutu. Not to say Ruutu can't still be a first line player. Hell, it took Olli Jokinen how many years to develop into the player he is now? And Ruutu isn't even into his second NHL month and we're already on his case. He's ahead of Alex Svitov, who didn't even make his team this year.

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