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10-29-2003, 11:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Bo
I have been following the Canadiens for many years, and I cannot remember a duller, less interesting version. Ever.

I think that we probably have hitten rock bottom with this year's versions of the team.

Andre Savard has been the worst thing to happen to the team in decades. The effects of his poor management will be felt for years to come.
This post is ridiculous on several levels.

Firstly, do you not remember the many years Montreal spent with Craig Darbys, Patrick Poulins, Witehalls, etcetera throughout the lineup? I remember many nights where Darby was a top two line center. That was when the Canadiens were filled with AHL talent.

At least in this year's version of the Canadiens there are a decent group of young players.

To call this year's Canadiens a result of Andre Savard is ludicrous. Savard came to the Canadiens what, 4 years ago? He filled this team with the current players, true. I don't like the personnel he brought in. However, this team is a direct result of poor drafting. The fact is, Savard made this team better than when Houle had filled the club with Darbys and Poulins. Whatever you see now is an upgrade, as pitiful as that is.

Now the Canadiens prospects have been developed far better than they have in years. There's a larger emphasis on drafting properly and development. The Canadiens are among the top 5 teams in prospect quality and depth. There's more youth being injected into the lineup each season. By year's end, I would be surprised not to see Hainsey, Komisarek, Higgins, Ward, Ryder, Hossa and Ribeiro all in the lineup. Perhaps even Plekanec if enough garbage is shipped out. That's a significant chunk of youth in the lineup right there; something the team has lacked for ages.

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