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11-06-2005, 09:56 PM
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We have lost all our games so far (8). Tonight, we were beaten up 9-0! I was on the wing and did not do too much. I made sure to cover the pointman in our zone, made an excellent pass to the centerman who almost got a break-away and avoided to get a penality even being a little rougher than usual with the opponent. As long as you don't use your stick, and only using your body to push the opponent a bit, they let you get away with it. The disappointing thing was that their centerman was ALWAYS uncovered in the creast! That hurt us a lot! Next game, I will be centerman, and the centerman on the other team is going to have hard time to touch the ball. At least, I will do my best. The other thing we did not do well are the passes. Because we don't have much talent, we should pass the ball to the wingers using the boards, not the center, as the passes in the middle are usually cut off by the other team.

The team wants to re-create next season. If we keep the same goalie, the answer is no!

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