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Originally Posted by Artemia View Post
BTW, here's for our swedish friends in this thread who's perhaps trying to downplay hockey's popularity in Sweden. And elsewhere.

Allsvenskan football Sweden 2010 16 240 1,563,011

That's the highest league soccer in Sweden. 1.5 million overall attendance.

Elitserien Ice hockey Sweden 2010-11 12 330 2,032,800

Hockey half a million higher attendance.
And I'm not even sure playoff attendance is counted, or if it's regular season only.

Soccer of course has no playoffs.

edit, playoffs are not counted. According to the 2009/2010 season in Sweden there was 315K people attending playoffs.

So SEL gets almost 2.5 million attendance including playoffs.

This puts hockey in an even better perspective compared to other sports as all the attendance numbers for the hockey leagues are then without playoffs. So numbers are even higher than listed.
And I said so many times, that EPL/Serie A/La Liga are more or less more popular than the Swedish league.

And once again, you take everything from attendance. Skiing in Norway is arguably their most popular sport, but how does that sports attendance number look?

Edit: I personally have been to 3 hockey games this season, and I got ticktes for another 3, and I have been to 0 football games, because the football I watch is on TV as the swedish league is terrible for the most part.

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