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10-29-2011, 10:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Fugu also raises an interesting point with respect to NBC & the potential fallout the loss of Phoenix, on the heels of Atlanta might cause with respect to their contract with the NHL. Youve' just gotta figure they wouldnt be impressed, though whether or not the fee's would decrease is questionable.
Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
This point came up after the NBC deal was announced and around the time that Atlanta was also in play. One of the BOG let it slip offhandedly that there might be a small "rebate" that would need to be negotiated if Phoenix was moved. Iirc.

NBC would have some sort of a leg to stand on for Phoenix being relocated... however even Bettman's little legs are taller than the stump we might be talking about.

If the team is moved to an American city with a more favorable hockey demographic, would the NHL be able to ask for more money? No. There may be contractual links in regards to Phoenix in the NBC deal, but if any it wouldn't be signifigant. While Phoenix is a large Television market, the current impact on viewership is minimal.

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