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10-29-2003, 11:41 AM
Ohio Jones
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Worlds colliding! Worlds colliding! I'm having a major George Costanza-grade freakout here, folks.

It's bad enough that you two blokes were there. Worse still that the denizen of the next cubicle at work was there with her boyfriend, but now I realize that the Host and MC, Michael Booth (the snappy dresser in the tux with green waistcoat) was one of the principals with whom I launched Tempest Theatre Group (a Shakespeare repertory company) in Toronto some (eek!) 12 years ago... his partner Keri Alletson worked hospitality and media relations on this event (so no surprise you got tons of coverage - she's a crackerjack publicist), and yet a third member of the group, Greg Cooke, did the merchandising.

It's probably a good thing I wasn't there - much like the prospect of the Red Sox and Cubs getting to the World Series together, the world would likely have imploded.

(P.S. - One of the other principles behind Tempest, for those who get cable in Toronto, is now going by the name Jonathan Llyr, and is host of "Hypa Space" on Space TV. He was my MacBeth when I directed the Scottish play at U of T way back in second year... if RPS was anything like our theatre days, there was PLENTY of drinking going on. Oh, wait - that's why Kruegs and Quain went, isn't it? DE)

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