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10-29-2003, 11:47 AM
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Don't listen to the guy who posted this, he hasn't provided a link, which shows that he is just throwing out untrue info. The canoe article (Toronto Sun) today did say many scouts were at the latest leaf game, but only mentioned the Ducks scouts specifically. NOT A word about the Caps, but it has been mentioned lately that the Leafs are interested in Gonchar (But who wouldnt?). His claim that the Leafs are looking for a backup just gauranteed that he wias full of **** b/c Tellqvist is our future #1 and is doing a great job so far, and Kidd is set to retun in the next few weeks, but yea we are definitly in need of a backup!!

If the Leafs WERE to make a big deal like that with the Caps, they (being the caps) would have to pick up a chunk of Jagr's contract for ANY team to bite! If they would pick up 3 million of his contract each year, I am sure there might be some interest, but don't expect ANY team to bite at $11 million a year!

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