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10-29-2003, 11:51 AM
Vlad The Impaler
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The expectations are no doubt higher for Ruutu because of the incredibly pointless hype that surrounded him as well as the fact he is an overager.

Heck, I still have a wager with Dr Chimera regarding Spezza VS Ruutu, one that I will win HANDS DOWN :p

It all started with THN, which really is setting up people for disapointment putting prospects like Ryan Miller and Ruutu way too high and I've said so from the get go. His contract negociations were also a complete fiasco. Talk about some crappy PR.

Still, I actually prefer the real Ruutu (very feisty player with nice talent) to the super-prospect he was sometimes advertised to be. I disagree with the poster who said he has limited playmaking ability. I've seen him try some nice things and once he is less awestruck, he'll be able to set up linemates very well. It's just not going to happen overnight.

It is good to remember there is plenty of hockey left this year. I doubt Ruutu will be the R-O-Y but there is still a lot of hockey left to play. It's just that Ruutu ain't the type of player who can come overnight and change a team's fortune like a Kovalchuk.

Ruutu would become a fan favorite in short order but people have been set up for disapointment because of the expectations. Over time, he will win people over thanks to his style of play.

Prospects playing an energetic game sometimes fall very flat on a lifeless team too. That's something I take in consideration. The Hawks half the time are wondering around without purpose, they are very uneven and you never know how they'll play from period to period.

Also, the guy is supposed to be a leader of sort but can't feel at ease yet in a dressing room where English is the language of choice. I've seeen him in interviews and he is still speaking in a rudimentary fashion. That will be an aadaptation for him.

That and a million little things. Over time it will get better.

And over time Dr_Chimera will owe me a supper because there is no way in hell Ruutu will ever become a better player than Spezza :p

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