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10-30-2011, 08:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Sayonara77 View Post
Err, I'm not sure how or where in my posts imply that I have "unnecessary rage" or need to calm down. Pretty hilarious how you telling me to calm down with that last post, when you are the one going erratic all over the place. It's pretty obvious you are the one who needs to relax and ease off and should refrain from making over the top statements regarding this patented giroux hype.

Like I said before, giroux may be the more talented and skilled player, but saying " His vision is something almost nobody in the league has", is the complete definition of hyperbole and possible idiocy.
But he's right. Giroux does have elite vision, to go along with elite dangling. Add in a ridiculously high compete level, and you have a special player.

I'm not saying any one of these players is better than the other, but it is idiocy to suggest Giroux doesn't have elite vision and it tells me you haven't watched him play enough. That **** is just undeniable. Now, I actually think Roo's defensive prowess is legitimately overrated. He's not on Kesler's or Richards' level.

Also, none of this so-called "hyperbole" has anything to do with a hot start all of us on the Roo bandwagon were already completely expecting. We've been beating this guy's drum since his rookie season. He's just going out there and proving us right.

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