Thread: The Columbus Dispatch: Coaching, GM changes imminent?
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10-30-2011, 11:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Nanabijou View Post
I hope for Porty's sake he had a pretty good source to actually throw names out there as replacements, never mind that Arniel and Howson are essentially 'dead men walking' tonight.

I am disgusted that it has come to this. I initially didn't want Hitch fired, but agreed that he had lost the room and that it was time in the end. I have been a big supporter of Howson and Arniel, but results are results, and these results are pathetic. So I grudgingly admit it's time.

In the 'Bring back Hitch' thread, I voted to ask me again when the CBJ were 0-12. Well, we're pretty much there, as after tonight, there's a good chance we'll be 1-10-1.

So here's what I'd do if I was Priest:

1) State that I am needed at Worthington Industries and will be shifting back there at the end of the season. In the interim, I will be facilitating the transition as a search for a new President commences.

2) Howson and Arniel are relieved of their duties as of tomorrow.

3) Hitch is coming back with the interim tag. I think Hitch will take the job as he wants to show that he has a new perspective and can coach in the new NHL. Make it clear that he could be in the running for the coach position, but that decision will be at the discretion of the new GM.

4) Find an older former GM who is trust-worthy and respected in hockey circles who can make sure that the day-to-day operations keep chugging along this year. Think Cliff Fletcher with the Leafs a few years ago. The mandate of this interim GM will not be to make blockbuster trades, although he will try to jettison some of the vets near the trade deadline for fair value (see point 7). We don't have the history the Leafs have, so this may be a hard spot to fill - perhaps Button can fill this job if the rumors are true.

5) Send Johansen back to juniors

6) Keep Savard and Moore in the AHL this year, at least until after trade deadline. Bring them up then only if you were able to find a taker for Russel/Martinek/Johnson.

7) Don't sign any extensions, including Prospal. There's no chance that Vinnie would sign here again anyways, so start a bidding war with cup contenders and extract a king's ransom for him near trade deadline. If by some miracle, Hitch has a Lemaire-like surge, then keep him but this seems unlikely at this point. Try to unload Juice and Martinek at trade deadline as well.

8) Consider trades of Vermette, Brassard and even possibly Umberger if someone is willing to pay a premium. If not, leave their fates for the new GM to decide. Nash and Carter are untouchable until the new GM comes aboard because these would be franchise-shifting deals.

9) Then, devote all your energy to finding the best GM and President candidates out there and don't take no for an answer. Find a duo that would be willing to work together, with each position's responsibilities clearly defined.

Wow, this is well thought out, consise and spot on. Excellent on all points. I wish this organ-I-zation had the same thought process you have.

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