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10-30-2011, 11:26 AM
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Originally Posted by pouskin74 View Post
this have nothing to do with it! infrastructure is in way better contitions than it was during the 90-s or in early 21 century(top prospects mostly stayed in Russia back then) and development system is getting on the feet again but there is other reasons for it - they(kids and their parents) are afraid that they will be not noticed by NA scouts and because of no agreement deal they will be drafted only in late rounds or not get drafted at all. In other words CHL is the place where they can show how passionate they can be and how madly they wanna be in NHL!
If the infrastructure were better, you'd see more young players progress to the KHL and you'd see a higher number of NHL draft picks. Yes, the KHL and the "Russian factor" has contributed largely to those low totals, but the low numbers have to have relation to the quality churned out.

It's naive to blame it simply on the NHL and the "Russian factor". Clearly kids believe staying in Russia at 16/17/18 is not a clear recipe for future success. The development system may be improving and clear steps are being made to define the transition and the system, but until Russia kids stay home at a young age, there is something amiss.

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