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Originally Posted by XperHFB View Post
Go watch some more hockey. Watch the 1994 to 2004 era and come back at us. Those 10 years might have been the worst 10 years in the history of our organisation. since 2004 the team is once again competitive. And thats directly related to Gainey's work. And since Gauthier came in we have one ECF and 1 round which we lost against the Stanley cup winners.

So honeslty im very very very satisfied with their work and I rly dont want to gamble by replacing gauthier with some one that I dont know if his competent enough to acheive the same things...

Do you realise we are this []llllllllllllllllllllllllll[X] [] close to win the stanley cup?
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I know very well what happened in the 90s, but unlike some here, I'm also aware of what's happening RIGHT NOW : poor team, poor prospect pool, poor show on the ice, no identity, no offensive star, conservative management, etc.

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