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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
NHL draft is not real source of informations about level of developing programmes in countries. Everybody should know it. NHL draft is just politics.

IMO 1st, 2nd and the last reason why young Russians go to NA junior leagues is NHL.. they want to show that they are interested in playing here. Look, if I want to work for Apple I will show my skills its managers, I will not go to Google office. Thats easy. I know that russian developing programme has trouble (kids, juniors are ok, but could be better). Why did Grigs move? Have facilities declined during summer in CSKA? Last season he was satisfied by conditions in CSKA, this season no.. do you know why? He was drafted by CSKA and if he wanted to play for CSKA he would had to sign 3 y contract... thats reason. Trouble with NHL draft. I ask have facilities changed during last summer in CSKA?

These kids have a dream about NHL.. it is ok, but they have to choose right route.. and going to CHL is not right step. I fully undertand Namestnikovīs move (his russian team dissapeared due to financial problems), but I dont undestand guys like Grigs, Kamaev, Khokhlachev etc.. who has perfect conditions in russian clubs.
thats damn right!

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