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10-30-2011, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Pantokrator View Post
This has been my concern all along. I always think it is wiser to stay safe and leave young players in lower levels where they can get lots of playing time and play in all situations. The Flyers won't return him to junior now. He'll just play 8-12 minutes a game on the 4th line. As long as he plays, I guess that's good. I still would rather have him play 25 minutes a night in junior. That's usually how detroit handles their prospects, but why anyone would mimic their treatment of prospects, I don't know. It's not like they've been successful or anything.
I have to say you were right about sending him back. I thought he would see more minutes than he has, but the Flyers have a log jam of forwards and Lavi trusts the more experienced players at this point.

Originally Posted by DUHockey9 View Post
If you know me, you know that I am not shy about ripping into Holmgren for, what I deem, mistakes. Yet, I'm actually ok with the Couturier move. I didn't want him up here prior to the season starting, but after seeing how he is being used, I think he is getting enough time to help him grow as a player. He's getting ~13 minutes a night. That's really not too bad at all.

Now, he's had a few games as the 3rd line C which inflated those numbers a bit; but once everyone is healthy, and he's been seeing strict 4th line C time we can make a better judgement. Hopefully he sticks around the 13 minute mark. If he starts threatening below 10 minutes, then I question the decision.
His ice time has already decreased even with the injuries. He was averaging close to 15 minutes through the first 5 games, but he has been averaging about 11.5 minutes a game since. Considering he can't buy a top 9 role with Briere and Schenn out I'm not sure why you would think it could get better when they are healthy.

Originally Posted by vandals View Post
it is relevant as he will need to be paid sooner rather than later. you dont take a kid with very good offensive skills and play him with players who do not. that is a waste.

the zubrus comparison is a relevant on a smaller scale as i said. zubrus still hasnt found his offensive game and never will. playing him on the 4th line will stunt his offensive growth.please explain to me how it will not. last i checked zubrus made the team out of camp which is even more impressive considering the league he came from, so i guess that is all that matters. I guess i will need to get a life because burning a year off his contract is a concern. if you say say cupcake.
I wish had TOI from Zubrus' rookie season because I'm curious to know how much PP time he received. The fact that Lavi isn't trying to develop Couturier's offensive game at all is what concerns me. When is the last time an offensively talented prospect was used in a strictly defensive role? Seguin was basically used in a 4th line role last season, but he also received some PP time. Carter was on the 4th line, but had ample PP time for a rookie.

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