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10-30-2011, 02:06 PM
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I've ordered a total of three Flyers home blanks, and one Minnesota Wild home blank from a Chinese dealer. Overall I've been very pleased. I had to contact them about the 2nd Flyers jersey I bought because it was total trash (arguably they all are, but I think they are great for $50 shipped). The jersey had discoloring in some spots, the crest was sewn at an angle, and there were black marks on the back. I emailed them and asked to return it, but I settled for $20 off my next order. The next jersey was perfect, and you can tell looking at all three of the Flyers jerseys that the defect jersey is a different style entirely (different logo, different cut along the bottom edge). The Wild jersey was also perfect, and in fact I liked it so much I returned the Reebok premier I bought on Ebay. The one big issue I think the Chinese blank jerseys have is that the stripes on the shoulders do not taper correctly to the end of the sleeve and appear wider than the Reebok authentics.

I just dropped one of my Chinese blanks off at the Skate Zone to be made into a #36 Powe jersey and I'll post pictures in a few weeks when it gets done.

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