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10-30-2011, 03:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Asquaredx2 View Post
Well, we're more than satisfied so far. He's actually been much more of a calming presence than I was expecting in the defensive zone. When he gets the puck on his stick he's patient enough (and obviously talented enough) to find space for himself and get the puck up to the forwards.

Offensively he hasn't been given a huge role thus far because of 65 and 55 but in the offensive opportunities he's gotten he's been pretty good, although he defers a bit too much. Some of the moves - especially the toe-drags - he pulls at the point are incredible. So I would say that he definitely doesn't look out of place. Probably as he gets more comfortable his game will become considerably more dynamic.

It's an exciting prospect to think of how scary of a double-threat Karlsson and Rundblad could be even only one or two years down the line.
What's nice about that though is it gives him the opportunity to see how a powerplay is run first-hand (and this year it's been deadly). It's that ideal Detroit Red Wings approach: bring the guy into a low-pressure situation and let them learn at their own pace. Obviously we don't know what goes on in practice but I'd reckon that's where Rundblad is being trained for the powerplay and offensively, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him with more minutes on the PP after a few more games.

The reasons he isn't getting the chance right now on the first-unit I'd guess are:

a) He isn't quite ready offensively or confident enough to run the PP in the NHL
b) We might get into trouble defensively having a Rundblad-Gonchar or Rundblad-Karlsson pairing
c) With Gonch and Karlsson firing on all cylinders, who do you take out?

I missed all the games this week on a trip but I hear Rundblad has been looking better and better, which is awesome to hear. I caught that sweet pass to Alfie for the Foligno game winner on the highlights and was totally impressed by how slick and cool with the puck he was there (even more blown away by the fact that one of Foligno's moves actually worked, lol). The future looks bright on D.

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