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10-30-2011, 04:17 PM
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Re-sign Kunitz
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Originally Posted by gliff View Post
The trade was made for the future. It was expected that when you lose a defensemen at his level that you will lose some of your muster. The trade was about as good as it could possibly be for the Ducks.

Sbisa is already a top 4 defensemen. He just so happens to be playing behind last years leading defensemen in points, Lydman who was in the like top 3 in +/- in the NHL, and Fowler-Beauchemin who has been amazing to start the season.

Tell me what #5 defensemen in the NHL are better then Sbisa right now.

Sbisa: Top 4 defensemen already

Palmieri: AHL top goal scorer at age 20 (he has 8 in 6 games and someone has 9 in 10 games)

Etem: Destroying the WHL. Top goal scorer and leading in Points per game.
Yep, they're all doing great.

Good for Anaheim (though I still think they should've kept Pronger and opened up cap space elsewhere), but it's ridiculous to think that Philly would regret the deal, as the post I responded to insinuated. Pronger turned the Flyers into a contender.

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