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Originally Posted by Crystal Met View Post
Hmmm Mcdonagh was still listed as our best prospect (our maybe 2nd, but still, plus we included Higgins)
The only place where he was listed as our best prospect was on HF, which doesn't say much. Mcdonagh wasn't developing well at all, he was mediocre offensively in the NCAA, unable to get better has the years went and was clearly getting passed by both Subban and Weber in the depth chart.

Originally Posted by JackieChan View Post
I'm sorry but it's well known that dmen take a lot of time to develop. Gainey wasn't patient enough, gambled that McDo wouldn't pan out, and lost.
Gainey didn't "gambled" crap, he needed to trade for a top center, and ended up choosing Gomez. He needed to give assets, and he chose the worst (or at least the one who was developing the slowest) of the three defenseman he had recently drafted. It wasn't about "being patient", it was about making a deal.

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