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10-29-2003, 01:01 PM
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My current super-simplification of the situation:

MC or Rich Winter, depending on who's really calling the shots:
I'm a first-line center! I want first line dollars! You're offering me less than a 4th line winger!

Kevin Lowe:
You have no leverage. You are not a first line center, I have Shawn Horcoff (HAHAHA!). I'll pay you what I see fit. I don't see you as being as essential to this team as you do.

The truth lies somewhere between. Comrie IS this team's first line center, but he isn't a first-line center per-say. He is however, at worst, a high end 2nd line center, and should be paid accordingly. Lowe won't offer that kind of money, so either Comrie feels disrespected (and frankly I wouldn't blame him) or Winter is telling him that kind of money is an insult. Because of this, the whole situation has become a personal battle that is only hurting the team. I really believe that Mike doesn't feel the Oilers want him back for whatever reason, specifically that Kevin Lowe and Craig MacTavish don't, which is very unfortunate. Lowe seems to either believe this team doesn't need Comrie, or thinks it's more important to make some sort of strange point in negotiations. He also seems to think he can get decent trade value, which he may or may not, but I believe it can be seen here that it doesn't look good.

All speculation of course, and I sincerely hope this is all still posturing in negotiations, and that there will be a signing when no one suspects it as happens so often. Unless of course we're acquiring Gaborik from Minnesota by some miracle.

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