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Originally Posted by majormet View Post
Also I disagree on Bailey, I see a player that is 1-2 seconds too slow for the NHL, see Schremp, Tambellini, Chyzowski, Dalgarno, etc....

Comeau on the first line would work, it did at the end of 09/10. Martin moved up to at least the 3rd line would work. I really wish we could deal Bailey for his equivalent on defense (prospect that is playing regularly that is not contributing). Then we can bring up Haley for toughness and move Reasoner up to either 2nd or 3rd line warming the spot up for Strome or an FA.
It's not like we're scoring 5-on-5 in droves. Reasoner and Haley aren't going to help with that. Our special teams have been very good to great. Our goaltending has been very good to great. Our defense has been better than average. We've had some timely scoring, though also timely scoring against us. Somewhere within all of that is where we're getting some points.

That's some tough company to place Bailey with, though the "kid line" in 92-93 was effective. I think Bailey's ability to see the ice has often been wasted on his wingers. I'm not sure why he would be included on that list. I'm going to beg to differ about what his future is going to hold.

Rolston hasn't done much during 5-on-5 play and Comeau has only been awake for 2 games. Now that Comeau is back on the right side where he'll be more likely to shoot or facing the net instead of away from it when coming off the boards, I'd like to see whether the line can get some scoring going. I thought they looked pretty good in the last game. I thought Bailey looked pretty good in the last two.

Unless the right player comes along, I don't see any trades happening for a bit. I'd love to bring in a legit vet to slot behind Tavares and a 1st line right winger. I doubt we're going to get a top-4 right-handed d-man right away. It would be nice, so that Jurcina can play 3rd pairing (and be relied on less in case he gets injured again.) However, I think we're fine back there until injuries occur again.

We're not fine 5-on-5 across all of our lines, but after a strong effort and some new personnel coming in, I'm willing to be patient for the moment. It's early and we do need a larger sample size. (Of course, if I'm Garth, I'm sniffing around to improve JT's wing and add some size to the lineup.)

My hope for Strome is still as a winger. If we're going to bring in a 2nd line center, let them be a big boy. I'd be OK with trading Bailey in the right deal, but I don't see a center ready to replace him just yet. I also think Bailey sure could use a bit of patience. Handled properly, this might be his first NHL season. JT-Nielsen-Reasoner-Haley isn't really what I would have in mind down the middle and we still need some size on the wings with that. I'm willing to wait and see what ends up happening with Nino here. Eventually, all of our lines will need changing to help us improve at 5-on-5.


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