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10-30-2011, 09:32 PM
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Originally Posted by otto bond View Post
If I was to pick between Diaz and Weber, well Weber's my man!
If I would put a grade on our D it would look like this:

Gill:C+ just his typical season debut and at best working the PK and 15-18min man
Subban:C+ Trying to do to much but a C simply cause he raised the expectation 25min man
Gorges:B+ could be an A but with that big turnover vs the leafa....grrrr
Weber:B- surprised and happy, could be stronger defensively but IS improving.
Diaz:C- is very skill with the puck but has been exposed defensively
Spacek:I wont rate him but really looks better this season with his reads and positioning, solid!
Campoli was 2 period fresh...
Yemelin:I can't rate him given the situation, the guys clearly has the skills, he just can't communicate at all with the coaching staff.
I don't see how Gill has been better than Diaz. Or how Gill is only slight worse than Weber.

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