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10-29-2003, 02:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Bruwinz20
Wouldnt it be worth it if you got out from underneath that albatross of a contract? I mean scenario 1 is you make the deal, suck all this year (like they already do anyway) and hope the young defenseman mature and reassemble the team a bit with the financial flexibility or scenario 2 which is keep Jagr, be stuck with that contract for another 4 years and suck all that time.

I would not want to lose Gonchar either, but your GM has put you guys behind the 8 ball.
Point 1: The Jagr deal was all Ted Leonsis (the owner). McPhee was told to "make it happen."

Point 2: Gonchar is one of the premier offensive defensemen in the league. Sure he is UFA next season, but even so, he will still garner a lot of compensation to the Caps in any trade. That, coupled with the fact that past Gonch and Witt (and the fortunately steady play of Eminger) we have an AHL defense. You could argue that Doig has earned a spot, but in reality he's a 5/6th guy possibly a 7th rotating in. Kwiatkowski, Gruden and Boumedienne are all AHL. So if we are going to be sending Gonchar to anyone, the Caps are going to require a cheaper (preferrably younger as well) established NHL defenseman who is a legit top four. Preferrably one who's a rugged stay-at-home type. Past that, you can toss in picks/prospects to even the scales, but that defenseman in return is a must.

Point 3: Yes, Jagr is an albatross, but we are not going to give him up for pennies on the dollar simply because of that contract. What is MORE likely the case is we trade even talent-wise and then eat some of his contract so it's not such a burden on the trading partner that it outweighs the positives of adding one of the most gifted offensive players to ever play the game (at least he is when he's in the mood... and not pouting).

Point 4: George McPhee is a VERY conservative trading GM. He only does a deal when he thinks he's coming out on top, and he isn't ever easily coerced into making a rash trade, even when we need one. Let me just point you to the fact that we've needed a defenseman for over 2 seasons now (something which GM has admitted)... yet he still hasn't traded for one.

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