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Originally Posted by PredaDORES View Post
Hey, guys. I'm coming up for the Nashville game in January and had some questions about seating. I'm looking at tickets online and found tickets for around $45. Section 102 A (I assume this is on the glass) and Section 122 B (2nd row?). I'm confused as to why the prices are so low for 1st/2nd row seats? Are the sight lines just unbearable? 122 row B is very tempting because it's right behind the Preds' Attack 2x zone. Any insight would be helpful!

Also, I'm staying with a friend in Brooklyn and going to the Preds/Rangers game the following day. Any tips/advice on taking the train from Brooklyn to Long Island?

Thanks again!
102 A is the 2nd row, AA is the 1st row, and 122 B is the 2nd row but there is a big gap between the seats and the glass

and prices are low because Islanders are not a demand ticket, I am surprised how cheap tickets are myself, especially great seats like that, I think most people do not like buying on stubhub, I sell myself on stubhub and see how things are bombs

and those seats down low are good because you are very close to the ice and it is cool, but to get a better perspective of the game it is better to sit a few rows up, seats in low rows in the 200s at center ice are the best seats in the coliseum

and Brooklyn to Coliseum, probably need a train to Garden City then to get a cab to and from the train station

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