Thread: Confirmed with Link: Rangers sign Anton Strålman (1 year, $900K)
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10-31-2011, 03:56 AM
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He could be on a plane to NY to sign the papers any time now...

...but I am not sold on it. Strålman is a special kid (very stubborn) for good and for bad. I wouldn't be suprised if we soon received news that Strålman had had it with the NHL and is going KHL/SEL. I personally think thats stupid, you go the NHL route untill you have nothing else. Strålman still has offers and would be guaranteed a chance to play.

As regards all concerns (Bäckman II). First of all, he is much more Gilroy II if anything. But anyway, I think all concerns raised are legit. I still wouldn't mind the signing, for the following reasons:

-Strålman is good at moving the puck and has a good first pass. We all know that we need that, or that we atleast just have enough of D's who pretty much suck in that era (JW and co).

-Strålmans career has been a mess so far. With that said, he has played for Toronto and Columbus durnig times when they were bottom 3-5 franchises. Its just not good to develop young D's in that environment.

Facts are that for a D, 95% of the game is about doing the small plays shift after shift after shift. I mean, a forward can make like 5-10 half bonehead plays in the attacking zone in a game, but if he makes 2 awesome plays -- people can come away impressed from a game. For a D, nobody remembers 5 great plays if he fails the clear the puck 3 times in a game. Thats how it should be. But my point is that a D really really really needs to be able to put it all together, or it won't work.

Strålman is NOT a hopeless project like a Enver Lisin. I think he is much more like a Lauri Korpikoski if you get what I mean, but due to the fact that he has not been able to put it all together, while being really exposed only playing for bottom 3-5 teams basically all of his career, it might sound like he is more of a mess than he is.

-We risk nothing, and get a back up for MDZ and Erixon. I especially think Erixon needs time. I think he is very poised in many sitautions, but as soon as he gets out of position you can see that he still is very young. He needs to add weight and become a better skater to be perfectly honest.

And what happends if MDZ gets nailed against SJ and misses a couple of months? Who is than going to be our NR 1 offenive D? Lol, we are extremely thin as it is.

-We risk nothing.

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