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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post

Four games ago, there were people posting on this forum who had jumped on the Fire Martin bandwagon.

Three victories later, they are changing their mind. (you know who you are )

Me, I will be consistent. Martin is not the right coach for the talent we have in Montreal. He may get this team to the promised land (for most) of an 8th place finish but he will never get this team to win a Cup.

My opinion and I will always stick to my opinion and not become a bandwagoner based on a few games.
I think you're wrong, there are hundreds of posters on this board, all with varying opinion, most who wanted Martin fired, still do, most who think he's a good coach, still do.

The troubling part is posters unable to change their view point even when faced with things that contradict their opinion. I, for one, have np admitting when my evaluations were off. Others would be better off if they could do the same. This isn't about being right or wrong, but about what is best for the habs.

To Andy, the Gionta contract is starting to look worse already imo. He'll likely get his 20-25 goals as he normally does, but this is where I expected this contract to get ugly, we'll see if I was right. If he continues to get 25-30 goals I'll have np admitting I was off.

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