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Originally Posted by CommunistDayKare View Post
Again with the 'Sea' thing. 'Blades' seems available, but Orlando is also noted for a recent rise in homicides. Might not be the wisest choice. 'Blades' was actually the winner of the fan vote for what became the San Jose Sharks, but they avoided it for the same type of reason. Of course, California in the early 90's was a specific situation.

Originally Posted by Patrickov View Post
O-Town Ice SolarBears.
This, I could get behind. Maybe add a 'z' so it's edgy.

It's like whenever they talk about Montreal getting another team, and someone suggests Wandererz or Maroonz.

It could still use a little something.

O-Town Icetreme SolarBearz?

It did make me think of the 'Orlando Chill'. Which has kind of that type of thing going, but without the overt 'x-tremeness'.

We can still have like a polar bear wearing sunglasses on a skateboard, riding a wave.

reminded me of this:

I checked, because I vaguely remembered a team called the 'Chill', and the ECHL hosted the Columbus (OH) Chill from 91-99.

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