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10-31-2011, 09:17 AM
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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
With this rocky start to the season, it seems (unfortunately) necessary to provide a reminder about the rules of the board.

There has been way too much of it lately. Not just out and out insults, but more subtle, snarky comments. It makes the board an incredibly frustrating place to spend time on when everyone is involved in a minor pissing match. People that engage in this type of behavior and derail threads will be infracted and thread banned.

Trolling is always an issue, made worse by the team's rough start. Opposing fans love to come in and poke fun at us. REPORT THE POSTS! Do not respond. We will deal with the trolls. When 50 people quote the troll, it just makes more work for the moderators when we're cleaning up. So please, do us a favor, report the post and move along!
Just to add to this, two things that also seem to be getting out of hand lately:

1) Misrepresenting someone's opinion/misquoting other posters. This has been going on a lot lately. If you are going to claim that a person said something, please make sure you aren't putting words in their mouth. It derails discussions and starts unnecessary altercations. An excerpt from the rules:

Quotes by other members are not to be edited. You may reply to a partial quote, but do not change the quoted content in any way. No one likes to be misrepresented or have words put in their mouth.
2) Stop accusing other people of trolling. More often than not, that constitutes trolling all on its own. It pollutes the board and no one cares to read it. If you think someone is trolling, report them.

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