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10-31-2011, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by torero View Post
Weber use to be the star of tomorow at the Kitchener Rangers ...Therefore i do not agree with you. I believe that, as a cerebral guy, he'll need more time ... i see his ceiling much higher than where he is now. (a la Steit) as a legit top 4 !

Subban ... has not been doing his homework !! 5/5 agree with you !

Remember that at the time, both Weber and Subban were on the same level. The habs were even counting on Weber to replace Streit on the PP ! (when Streit left, MTL went from among the first teams to among the last teams in PP efficiency) Carboneau was high on Weber, he was thinking that Weber had high play making and sniping potential. (as a junior he ended up having the best shot)

It just takes more time to develop such a player and, actually 2 years ago, while Subban exploded, Weber disapointed. Last year Weber was ok in AHL and had a shot in NHL but carrying the tag of "le jeuuuunne Wbre" while having the same age than Subban.

The Subban lovers were right, and the Weber lovers were wrong. Maybe the game is not over !! and while Subban has a great potential as an instinctive player, Weber has also a great potential but as a cerebral player. Brain takes longer to develop than instinct.

my 10cts idea
As much as I like Weber he has zero chance to ever be as good as Subban. Subban is good now playing against opposing #1 lines at 24 minutes at night. Weber's max upside at this point I believe is a number 3 with first PP unit time. Maybe a number two if he's paired with a #1 who is great at defense. Weber won't ever be the go to guy in every situation on the ice like Subban is.

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