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10-31-2011, 12:22 PM
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I must be watching a different club than some of you guys.

I see a team that is finally starting to put it together. Finally starting to play the system with speed and instinct rather than thinking it through. They have whole sections of periods where they keep the puck and game under their control. The forecheck is vastly improved, especially in the last three games. They bottled up Colorado and Coyote for minutes at a time.

This is completely different than the past few years. We used to have a team that periodically collapsed and then either scrambled or just played through the minutes. When was the last time we had a team that scored within a few minutes after an opponents goal - to take back momentum. We've done it three times this year. Now we have a team that is capable of controlling the flow and pace of a game. They are IN every game until the last minute. It doesn't matter if they're tired (3 games in 4 days) or unlucky, they're still in the game and dominating about 30-40 minutes of it.

They were out hustled on occasion last night, not because they didn't care, but because this was their third game in four days. And it didn't matter because they were still in the game, still taking it to the AVs. The Kings would have skated away with this game but for two great bounces - and a very talented Duchene. They are better than the individual plays, good or bad, of individual players.

They are learning to play like a championship team with an expectation and responsibility to stay with and execute the system.

A completely different feel and energy to this team as far as I'm concerned.

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