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Originally Posted by BobbyNystromOwnsYou View Post
My trip to Long island is 2 weeks away. Hell yeah.

3 questions:

1. My plane gets in around 10 pm Monday November 14th. Can anybody tell me how much a cab costs from JFK to the Long Island Marriot? I'm not asking for an exact number, just a price range. If anybody wants to pick me up and make some extra money, I would be down for that too. Is there a cheaper way to get there? Sorry, I grew up in a town where trains carried stuff, not people.

2. Is there atour of the COli I can take? Yea, I know it's old as hell, but magic happened there once, and I would like to see it.

3. Is there a good italian retaurant within walking or a short cab right from the Marriot? All suggestions accepted.

Thanks everybody, can't wait.
The cab from JFK will be your priciest expenditure of the trip outside the hotel and tickets. Probably around $50. You can take the airtrain to the LIRR to a much shorter cab ride, and it will knock like $35 off the price, but at 10PM in an unfamiliar city it isnt worth it. The cab ride will be a breeze.

They really dont offer many tours to people outside of when they try and push ticket plans but you can email the Isles customer service for confirmation.

There are italian restaurants galore within 10 minutes of the Mariott. Name youre budget and there will be plenty that fit in each. The closest one is Borelli's which is in walking distance on the other side of the parkway. No more than a 10 minute walk, probably less. Plenty of Islander fans in there before the games. There are plenty more in the area but you will have to take a cab or a bus for a few minutes. If you take a cab the ride will be no more than $5 each way.

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