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10-31-2011, 02:10 PM
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I just watched the video where the Ducks players tried to pronounce Finnish sentences. Apparently they used Google Translate to get some of the sentences. "Ojentaa minulle kiekko" is what Google Translate gives for "Pass me the puck". D'oh. I did wonder why the attempts were so different from Selänne's "hei, syötä se kiekko mulle" (or whatever it was) example, but then one of the players managed to pronounce the word "ojentaa"...

I also hope the NHL is not paying anyone for those "Saku Koivu kertoo pelasi veljensä Saku tänään vs. Wild" type quick so called translations because if they are, they're being scammed by someone who doesn't have any knowledge of the Finnish language. Now that I mentioned it, I do hope they're being scammed because it's comical if the NHL is so cheap they just throw the English into Google Translate themselves and think it's going to result in something even remotely correct in a language with a very different structure from English.

The articles seem to be correct though, so they must have paid someone for those. They don't update the site much now -- which probably explains the Google Translate "Fingrish" in the titles -- but you'd expect them to have plans for the future. Otherwise it doesn't make much sense to set it up in the first place. They'd have to hire at least one person if they wanted to expand the site to include translations of feature articles from the main site, which would certainly make it look more professional.

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