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10-31-2011, 03:36 PM
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Do you know the "quarter trick" to make sure your edges are level? Lay a quarter on the edges, look to make sure your edges seem to be perpendicular to the blade (note: ignore the holder, which is not symmetrical, just concentrate on the blade itself). AFAIK if your sharpeners are just using witness marks to sharpen then they won't necessarily be correcting an off-center sharpen.

Other possibilities:
1) Maybe your right foot is supinated/underpronated? If so, you'd need a custom orthotic. If you think this might be the problem, go to a pedorthist
2) Are you sure the edge is dull? Sometimes people lose an edge because the edge is dull/gone, but sometimes the edge itself is fine and you slide out just due to poor technique
3) Maybe there IS something wrong with your steel, in which case new steel is reasonably inexpensive
4) Do you regularly do something that would adversely affect this edge, for example, maybe if you're regularly stopping up close to the boards to receive breakout passes or whatever you're getting too close to the boards and letting your outside edge slam into them? Or as another poster suggested, maybe something to do with slamming down on that edge when you put your skates on? Or do you maybe sometimes walk on non-ice-or-rubber surfaces with your skates on?
5) Do you put skate guards on your blades when you put them in your hockey bag?

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