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Originally Posted by Jigger77 View Post
I disagree with this. Yes Gio has had a rough start, but he's still tied for second on the team for PP points.

And you raised something interesting with your point about JM catering to veterans. Imo, you have to give vets a chance to get out of their rut and yes that's somewhat unfair for rookies. But that's just the way hierarchy works on a hockey club. There is always going to be a little more leeway to vets, but they've earned those stripes. Those are the guys you need to win and be on top of their game down the road. It sucks for the rookies, and fans who want to see a lot of them, but in the end those rookies will benefit from that and eventually become vets themselves and get that same treatment too.

I can see why it's not the most popular thing, but personally I have no issues with it and I'd have the same mentality as an NHL coach. A happy, producing core of veterans means a strong club and an excellent breeding ground for rookies if you ask me.
It is almost like the whole rookie mentality gets thrown around despite the reality of being negated in almost every aspect of those peoples lives.

Veteran preferential and hierarchy are observed in basically every sphere of peoples' lives, whether that is at the workplace, social networks, governence, or households. Yet for some reason, when it comes to hockey, "nope, everyone should get a fair strike at the can."

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