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10-29-2003, 02:26 PM
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Proposal Washington/Detroit

I can't believe Washington is going to dump every valuable asset it has and be forced to keep Jagr.
As a Wings fan, I'm not really happy with the idea of Jagr in the winged wheel, but let's look at the issue.
There are two teams desperately looking to dump salary of seemingly unmovable players: Detroit has Curtis Joseph. Washington has Jaromir Jagr.
Detroit is spending $8M this year and next on Cujo for potentially nothing. (this year at least)
Washington owes Jagr 11M per year for a long time (how many more years?)
Now, I hear Washington is trying to dump guys like Gonchar and Lang and Kolzing.
Ouch. They'll be the Pittsburg Penguins at this rate.

So here's what I propose.
1. Washington trades Kozling to Colorado for Tanguay or perhaps even a guy like Svatos and a high pick.
2. Then Detroit trades Cujo to Washington along with Dandenault and perhaps a guy like Jason Williams for Jagr.
During the first two years of the deal, no team trades off salary.
After that, Washington eats $2 to $3M per year for the remainder of Jagr's salary.

What does each team get?
Well, Washington gets whatever they can get for Kolzig, then he is replaced by Cujo (Not a terribly bad swap.) Cujo costs more, but given the Jagr savings, it seems like a bargain. They also get cheap and somewhat useful players like Williams and Dandenault.
In the long term, they'll still spend up to $3M per year on Jagr, but considering how badly they want to dump the salary, it ain't so bad.

Detroit? Well, they take on a lot of salary. And they get a talented headcase. But in the short term, at least, they get rid of Cujo.
Recent news out of Detroit suggests the Cujo situation is really starting to fester. The last thing Detroit needs is a huge dressing room rift during this season generally viewed as the team's last chance at the cup.
A guy like Nik Kronwall should easily take Dandenault's role on the team. Jiri Hudler can step into Jason Williams' role.

Long term, Detroit gets a superstar (though aging and apparently going senile) who should still have some good years left.

Even with Washington taking on salary after the first two years, my gut tells me Detroit wouldn't take on that collosal salary. And I'm not sure this veteran team with character guys like Yzerman/Hull/Shanahan/Lidstrom/Chelios etc, wants a prima donna like Jagr around.
On the other hand, Detroit desperately needs 5 on 5 offense.

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