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Originally Posted by Protest View Post
He has had 1 year where he finished 13th in points, and would have been lower if certain players had played more games. That puts him in that 15-20 range.

Also, do you honestly think Selke votes are a good parameter to judge someone's defensive ability? He did also only get 6 votes, most of which were 4th/5th place. He's adequate defensively. He works hard and has good instinct's, but it's difficult to play defense at his size.

Giroux has not been a good player for long enough for me to put him into the Top 25 yet. That should end after this season, but as of now he has still only had one good year. I'm sorry if I'm not the type of person that anoints Carter a perennial 40 goal scorer after 1 season, says Ovechkin is gonna be the best goal scorer ever because he hit 60, or calls Crosby a lock for the Hall of Fame at 22.

If you're talking about the best players in the league you have to look at multiple years, and Giroux's track record isn't there yet.

You can't believe my post, but Giroux > Ovechkin is perfectly believable.
Well if you aren't willing to look at only 1 year, then certainly it's impossible to rate him anywhere near the top of the league. But I personally don't see a reason why I can't judge players based off of what I've seen, so listing him that low seems absurd to me. Most of the players who score more points than him are also worse defensively, by the way. That's why I don't see why he would be lower overall than just offensively..

And I'm not sure if that last part was meant to be sarcasm, but if not, then I'm glad you agree. I feel like it was sarcasm, but I assure you I've seen both play a ton and full-heartedly believe that Ovechkin is a joke outside of the offensive zone and I do not think he makes his teammates better even if he might inflate their stats.

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