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10-31-2011, 06:29 PM
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So everyone seems to have a very negative view of "changing lines". Isn't one of the coaches responsibilities to get chamestry going between lines? When we win games, are the lines changed frequently? When we lose games, is that not possibly the sign that a given line is not producing ? (reasons come to mind would be execution between players of that line and inefficiency of given line to play against given opposition) thus managing lines (putting "energy" players in a strugelling line) according to given game and given opposition. Have you guys visited any other fan board when that team is loosing? number 1 complaint is about coach juggling lines and putting 3d/4th liners in last 2 min of game (loosing),judging but what i have read so far. Having read bruins/leafs board more often the others (especially when one of them is loosing streak), that is the number 1 complaint posters have, and never seem to realize the existents and importance of the line juggling. Seems to me alot you guys are criticing something every coach does and has to do in a losing position.

And know, a motivational speech or touch of affection will not get a certain player/line going again, needs a bit more then that, thus the line juggling.

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