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10-31-2011, 07:53 PM
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Originally Posted by HockeyinHD View Post
That's not terribly true. Really good players like Fil and Kronwall recently (Z and Datsyuk more distantly) get onto the roster quickly without muddling around in the minors for the full term of their exemptions, if at all.

The problem is that given where Detroit normally drafts, they don't land those kind of sure-fire supertalents too terribly often, so most of the guys who come up have to do it partially by attrition and partially by growing into their role.

Smith is on the Kronwall track much like Nyqvist is on the Filppula track, so an AHL season and change will be enough for them if they can continue to produce.

Mediocre prospects (of which the Wings have had heaping handfuls) bubble up slowly and then either stick (Ericsson, Kindl, Emmerton) or lose a numbers game (Meech, Quincey, Ritola). And even the ones that stick may lose a numbers game eventually.

Cleary has been dogmeat this year, but then so have pretty much all the forwards other than Franzen and Fil. Counting them, D and Z that makes only 4 forwards I think have to be in the top 6. The rest of them can fight for the last two spots, because none of the other contenders have shown me anything to make me thing one should be ahead of the others, or even Nyqvist right off the bus.

Can we sucker Philly into trading for Cleary and Hudler at the deadline? We'll throw in Kindl and take back Briere and Coburn.
Cleary's really good when he's on, but it's clear that he's not on right now. Injured, whatever. It's not happening for him.

The other examples you mentioned weren't really like this one. Flip should never have been sent to the minors anyway - he "lost out" to worthless Brad Norton and had a wrist injury that gave them the excuse, and it only took a couple weeks for the wrist to heal and for the coaches to figure out they made a mistake there.

Kronwall would have been in the top 6 the year before if not for the lockout, and the year before that if he hadn't gotten injured and missed almost the whole season.

In no other recent example do we have a guy that is really talented getting called up at the expense of another roster player, getting playing time over multiple healthy veteran players already on the roster (I'm assuming he'll play at the expense of Miller or Eaves, and Emmerton is already glued to the bench), purely for the purposes of jump-starting the team.

I don't think Nyquist is ready to be an impact player 9 games into his pro career, but I'll be interested to see the results. This might just be intended as a short-term kick in the butt to all the guys on the roster to get them to pick up the pace. We'll see.

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