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10-31-2011, 07:59 PM
Kenneth Kennholt
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Originally Posted by mattihp View Post
I would be more angry at the fans who act like certain body caveties causing the police bills. It would be completly idiotic to let EVERYONE pay for a sports clubs' idiotic fans.

So then you're fine with night clubs paying police bills for fights on town Saturday nights as well? If not, why? Or festivals for that matter where the amounts of actual crimes are much larger...

One could also argue that AIK/DIF should bill society as a whole for the millions and millions of gains that their respective youth sections creates every year for society if you want to take it further. And then we haven't even mentioned the millions that comes just from tax revenues every Derby.

Might only be me, but I don't wanna live in a country where police work for profit and in addition are the ones that decides how big that profit should be. I don't really think that's worthy for a democracy but whatever floats your boat....

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