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11-08-2005, 05:12 PM
Mr Jiggyfly
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To do crossovers you need to know how to turn.

Do you know how to turn properly, are you bending into the turn and dipping your inside shoulder?

You will need to know what your "power" foot is.

Everyone has a power foot, including the pros. This is the foot you turn faster/better with, stop on more easily, etc.

Say your power foot is your left foot, then practice your crossovers turning to the left.

Build up some speed, go into your turn, dip your inside shoulder down, and pick up your back skate and slowly cross it over the lead foot (your left skate).

You have to trust yourself to do this. I know many new skaters are afraid of falling when they try crossovers, but remember your inertia will keep you up.

As for backwards crossovers, you have to start by going forward and picking up speed, then go into your transition.

Once you are moving backwards try to learn how to go backwards with your feet in a line (one in front of the other), instead of parallel to each other.

This is the base from which you will learn to crossover.

Once you are comfortable going backwards this way, you can start trying to do crossovers.

The best way to learn is to go to a local rink and watch the best skaters and just try to imitate what they do.

Take mental notes, then go and try what you see.

Don't be afraid to push yourself or fall down. It WILL happen.

I am a good skater and have been doing it for many years, and I still bail. I don't even feel anything anymore whe I fall, because I am conditioned to it. This will happen to you over time as well.

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