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D-locks on an NHL sized rink must be:


Despite the lacking media attention these guys get becasue they are west coast boyz, they are top producing D-men, and quite a few #'s larger than the talented youngsters you see Biffen write about cuz they play when he's awake and you get on TV in Sweden, as you're subject to the East Coast bias in a big way.

I'll also take:
Erik Karlsson
Toby Enström

If Kronwall decides to play his damn position in Tre Kronor instead of chasing after people all over the ice to land a big hit, trying to score cheap points with the Swedish media, I'd love to have him onboard, but he was BSing in the Olympics and truly cost us big vs. Slovakia. The Kron-Wall of pain BS seems to have gotten to his head. National team duty isn't personal play time, and if that's not clear to him, then I'd be happy to leave him at home. There is no lack of competent D-men to pick from right now.

If Hedman steps it up a notch, he might be in the talks, but he still sorts in the plays too slowly, and he keeps being half a step behind time after another - can't have that in a best of the best tourney.

J. Eriksson is a similar story to Hedman, but whereas Hedman makes pretty sound decisions with the puck once he has it, Eriksson is giving me that "loose gun" feeling. Just don't know what will come out of there, and not necessarily a guy I'd like to have on the ice in a Gold Final vs. a desperate and hungry Team USA or Team Canada that's bringing the pressure.

I would be inclined of dressing Grossman as #7 if Kronwall fails to show defensive responsibility. ODouya seems like a coachable guy as well, so he'd be in the back of my mind. Don't need an all-star at #7, but rather someone who can come in and give a solid contribution when/if necessary.



No particular order on the top-3 lines (lots of flexibility there and really just a matter of who's hot and who's not). 4th line is all legs and making the team to make sure that every single opposing D-man gets checked when trying to start the break-out. Shoie + Pahlsson is first out on the PK, closely followed by Z and Bäckström/Steen. St[lberg can move up anytime, and Magnus P. can easily step into any position but Hornqvist's, perhaps. But, if the Sedin's get to play with Franzen, Paajarvi wouldn't be a bad linemate to Z and Backstrom.

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