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11-01-2011, 05:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Countdown0 View Post
Elbow shot to the head of a player no where near the puck... 2 minutes.

What a ****ing disgrace. When referees make the wrong call they should be fined. And diving should be a 5 minute major, and referees should be fined for not calling it until they start calling it right.

Wolski deserves 20 games for concussing another guys dilibetarely. "Alfredsson skated into him!" My ass. Wolski's elbow had no business being at head height with Alfie. That, and the way he stepped into Alife, should make it obvious to anyone with eyes and the IQ of a houseplant that Wolski was taking a dileberate cheapshot, with no regard nor respect for the health or safety of an opposing player. Again, this is a disgrace.

Shanny needs to get his head out of his ass and drop the hammer on the Rangers, and shelf Wolski until Alfie comes back.

Its one thing to want the game to stay physical, but letting that **** go is pathetic. I hope that the next time the Sens and Rangers play that Wolski's IQ drops 50 points and he drops his gloves with Neil.
Good post.
fines is the only thing that work on people.

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