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11-01-2011, 08:40 AM
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Guys liks Landeskog and Zinbanejad is the future for sure. Id really like to see them on any team.

Truth the be told, I am sick to deat to see these BÅG type of players who supposedly has "intanglibles" like sniping ability or playmaking ability -- but really look so sllllooooowww and square in lack of a better word next to our core players.

Hence why I would like to see:
-Gabriel Landeskog next to the Sedins,
-Mika Zinbanejad next to Bäckström, and
-Magnus Svensson-Pääjärvi next to Z and Franzen.

Those three would play the game the only way they know it; with speed under their skates and no second thoughts. As opposed to what we saw in the Olympics were guys like Weinhandle skated around doubting himself in the crease looking to utilize his extremly avg sniper ability and such.

So I say no to Patric Hörnqvist and co. If someone bleh like that is going to make my team its on a 4th line and because he can kill penalties. I have Steen there but there is a number of options for that spot. I other positions it take youth and speed over bleh-options.

I also do not want to chicken out on the blueline. Look we have three absolute world class alternatives up front. They read:
X-Bäckström-Louie Eriksson

And let me tell you this, if you look at the ability to manage the puck on the blueline, like I would like to say that -- nobody -- can match what we can put on the ice. Read: Erik Karlsson and Tobias Enström (top 4-5 in the game for sure in this aspcet), next to 4 guys who are born and raised in the classic Swedish manage the puck big ice hockey (take your pick of the other players mentioned: Kronwall, Hedman, Tallinder, Edler and co).

This gives us a option to put a team on the ice that:
1. Brings what a) the Sedins brings, b) what Z and Franzen brings and c) what Bäckström brings.
2. Have a ton of speed and youthful enthusiasm in Landeskog, Zinbanejad and Pääjärvi.
3. Can manage the puck at the backend as well as any team we have seen hit the ice in long while.
4. Has one of the best goalies in the league.

Thats a team that ought to be able to play a exciting brand of hockey, that possibly in a tournament played in August just could suprise many of the more veteran squads.

Sorry, but I would pick the above before more boring BÅG-LIKE options like some of the names mentioned.

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