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11-01-2011, 09:20 AM
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Blog Review: Warrior Dynasty

I picked one of these up at my local shop last night, so I figured with the lack of info online about these sticks I'd do an ongoing review of it. This one's a 70 flex intermediate Kopitar (Sakic).

The Dynasty has some interesting technology going on:

- Different flexes on the forehand and backhand walls of the stick. The forehand is whippier than the bakchand. In theory this would mean it load up easier on forehand shots, then the additional resistance of the back wall would spring it back and make the shots kick harder.

- Different weave patterns on the forehand and backhand of the blade. Not sure what this does but there's larger weave on the forehand and tighter weave on the backhand.

- Stiffer flex up top and whippier near the blade, which is how they make a low kickpoint stick, for a quicker release. Not new, but still a feature.

- Interesting grip going on. It's a bit of a sticky grip, but there are ribs on the shaft wall where the backhand side meets the bottom of the blade side (if that makes sense). I love a grippy stick but am not a big texture guy, so we'll see how this works out.

- Dual density foams in the blade for a bit more stiffness at the heel and a bit more feel at the toe. I loved the feel of the DD blade although durability was not good. I'm curious to see if this is better.

- What they call "fused one piece" construction. This is similar to the Diablo stick I believe. Instead of just taking a tapered blade and a tapered shaft and gluing them together, they make two parts of a one piece stick and fuse it together. The blade section extends to several inches of shaft which is hollow instead of solid like a tapered blade. This makes the stick a lot lighter and better balanced than the old Dolomite.

First impressions:

This stick is definitely lighter and better balanced than the old Dolomite it replaces. I have used four or five Dolomites and both the shaft and blade section of the Dynasty are lighter. You can see the fuse point is several inches higher than a regular two-piece stick, just like the Diablo. The weave is larger on that section as well.

Graphics are regular Warrior "LOOK AT ME!" style. I don't care for the loud logos on the bottom/heel portion of the blade, just because when I tape it up it's going to look weird. Up top there is a yellow-ish Warrior logo which is fine. I generally like Warrior graphics though.

I am in the middle of moving right now but when I update I will compare the Kopitar curve to the Toews and Draper. I have a 2011 AK27 two-piece and a 2010 Dolomite Spyne in the "same" curve, but the Spyne was a little more closed than the AK27 and my P92. We'll see if the Kopitar follows this trend.

Flex-wise, it feels a bit whippier than the 2010 Dolomite did. I had a 70 flex Dolomite DD in the same curve and flex that I sold because it felt a bit too whippy, but since then I decided to chop 2-3" off the stick and in retrospect should have kept it. I also tested it against a 2-piece 70 flex Dolomite which was far stiffer. So long as it has a bit of kick though I can deal with whippiness. I'm curious to see if the asymmetrical flex allows for this.

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